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This will confirm that the undersigned Rudy Project account hereby authorizes Rudy Project North America, LLC (“Rudy Project”) to establish online account access via the internet, for the purpose, among other things, of placing secure online orders to be shipped to the undersigned’s billing address or one or more ship-to addresses as the undersigned may designate, checking stock availability, tracking shipments, viewing account payment status and viewing and printing monthly statements. In connection with its registration hereunder, the undersigned will request a password for accessing its account, which password may be changed as described herein (the “Password”). The undersigned acknowledges that it is the responsibility of the undersigned to maintain the security of its Password. The undersigned agrees that Rudy Project is not responsible for any unauthorized use of the Undersigned’s Password or unauthorized access to the undersigned’s account. The undersigned individual represents and warrants to Rudy Project that he or she has authority to establish a online account on behalf of the undersigned.